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Questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome.
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are we going crazy.hear with this advertisement to make money, this is Tulane. I will help you with monthly cost but keep this off this Tulane site.

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The advertisements are to help offset the monthly cost of renting the server and time spent keeping things running smooth (backups, package updates, monitoring, etc.) I've had very few complaints regarding the ads. There have been a couple of bad ones that have made their way through that I have reported from time to time. If they really are a huge nuisance to the majority, I will look into doing something about them.
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Ad's help support the site. That's better than not having a place to post with 100% freedom of speech.
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I come here infrequently but would contribute if the hat was passed (generally speaking pre-Cowen grads . . . .aka those that like sports ain't poor). . . . . seriously that's annoying shit,
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You da man Windy, you tell it like it is over there! Many years pre-Cowen grad here.
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