Tommy Matthews meets Willie Mays

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Thanks for the link. Willie was one of my childhood heroes. Tommy is a great guy and he was great player for us.
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Thanks for the link. That's a great Willie Mays story.

WIllie Mays was my first childhood hero.

Even though he was past his prime when he was traded to the Mets to spend two glorious years in the twilight of his career back in NY, I still was tickled pink. I'll always remember Willie pleading the Mets case on a play at the plate in the 1973 World Series. Willie was the on-deck batter and was in position to see Fosse missed the tag. Harrelson was safe, but called out. The umpire was on the ground trying to get the call right (we'd NEVER do that today, he's not in "the wedge") and couldn't see Fosse missed Harrelson who didn't slide. Willie went to his knees pleading this case, Yogi got tossed, it was a shitshow in Oakland.

"Say hey", heaven has my hero now. Willie Mays arguably the best there ever was. RIP Willie.
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