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Be a Hero Today.... Adopt a Shelter Pet... The Beatles once sang "Can't Buy Me Love"... I disagree, unconditional Love can be bought, for the nominal adoption fee at your local Pet Shelter !
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Amazing! The peasants complain and the King delivers ..
'Here's a song for the Olive and the Blue"
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Roll Wave!
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Harris said this in an email -

“On the national landscape, many of you have likely been following the developments surrounding the NCAA’s $2.78 billion settlement of the House, Hubbard and Carter lawsuits.

The impact of these changes on Tulane Athletics is something that I have been discussing with President Fitts and other members of his cabinet. Those discussions will continue and all involved certainly realize that these changes will have an impact on how business is done in our industry and on our campus.”

What is the impact to the business? Is Tulane preparing to spend any money to reassure the alumni and fanbase that it is aggressively pursuing a P4 invite? How does Tulane plan to compete monetarily for top athletes in recruiting? Is Tulane going to build a football ops facility?

Can any journalist or reporter in New Orleans ask these questions?
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One thing the "update" made clear, is that the Bubble now won't be completed until "sometime later this year". So much for it being completed by the end of August. It's laughable how the completion date keeps moving--reminds me of the old screen-saver joke "click on the box for your Christmas bonus" and the box kept moving whenever your cursor got near it. In this case, "Click on the box for the Bubble completion date." Tulane leadership at its best.
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