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Big test for Harris, answer is not rocket Science simply spend the money!!!

Possible Hires:
1. Jake Gautreau enters his seventh season on the Mississippi State baseball coaching staff, serving as the recruiting coordinator, hitting, and infield coach.

Gautreau's passion for the game has enabled him to succeed at every level: high school, college, professional, and coaching. The 2019 National Assistant Coach of the Year has an unmatched passion for teaching the game and building relationships that reach far beyond the locker room.

2. Tony Cannizaro if not head coach, hitting coach. Cannizaro remains a very good coach and, like Gautreau, was a College World Series star for the Green Wave on the same team. While he likely would not be considered for the head coaching position and the possibility of returning to professional baseball in some capacity lingers, Cannizaro would be a consideration as an assistant coach.

3. Mark Kingston: Mark Kingston — Coaching History

As a Head Coach:
Year, School (Record)/Postseason
2010, Illinois State (32-24)/MVC Tournament Champions/NCAA Regionals
2011, Illinois State (36-18)/ MVC Tournament
2012, Illinois State (33-19)/MVC Tournament
2013, Illinois State (39-19)/ MVC Regular Season Title/MVC Tournament Runner-up
2014, Illinois State (33-22)/MVC Tournament Runner-Up
2015, USF (34-26-1)/NCAA Regionals
2016, USF (24-33)/–
2017, USF (42-19)/NCAA Regionals
2018, South Carolina (37-26)/NCAA Super Regionals
2019, South Carolina (28-28)/–
2020, South Carolina (12-4)/–
2021, South Carolina (34-23)/NCAA Regionals
2022, South Carolina (27-28)/–
2023, South Carolina (42-21)/NCAA Super Regionals
Overall Record as a Head Coach: 453-310-1

As an Assistant Coach:
1997, Purdue (30-25)/–
1998, Purdue (23-29)/–
1999, Illinois State (35-24)/–
2000, Miami (Fla.) (41-19-1)/NCAA Super Regionals
2001, Miami (Fla.) (53-12)/NCAA College World Series Champions
2002, Tulane (36-27)/NCAA Regionals
2003, Tulane (44-19)/NCAA Regionals
2004, Tulane (41-21)/NCAA Super Regionals
2005, Tulane (56-12)/NCAA College World Series
2006, Tulane (43-21)/NCAA Regionals
2007, Tulane (34-26)/–
2008, Tulane (39-22-1)/NCAA Regionals
2009, Illinois State (25-23)/–
Overall Record as an Assistant Coach: 500-280-2

NCAA Tournament Appearances:
Regionals: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2023
Super Regionals: 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2018, 2023
College World Series: 2001, 2005

4, Billy Mohl:
• Led USF to a historic 2021 season, when the Bulls won the American Athletic Conference Tournament and the Gainesville Regional to earn the program’s first appearance in the NCAA Super Regionals

• Sixteen of his USF pitchers have been drafted and five have made the major leagues

• Has developed 14 All-AAC players in six seasons as head coach and eight All-AAC pitchers during his nine-year association with the program

• Guided the Bulls to the AAC Tournament semifinals and earned an NCAA Regional bid in his first season as head coach in 2018

• His 2017 pitching staff led the nation and set a program record with 10.1 strikeouts per nine innings

• Spent five seasons on Mark Kingston’s staff at Illinois State and joined him as an assistant at USF

• Played four seasons at Tulane, where he was named to the Conference USA All-Freshman Team and played on its 2005 College World Series team. Inducted into the Tulane Athletics Hall of Fame in 2023.

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Who is Tony Cannizaro?
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The A.D. is not going to get rid of Hunter let alone do anything after this season with Uhlman. All this talk about Tulane finally realizing that
a successful athletics program can bring great things to the university is just all b.s.!
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Why would Kingston leave SC? And for Tulane? No possible way
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If Tulane can tank the final 2 months of a season in men’s basketball, a major revenue sport, without making any changes…

Wave baseball fans shouldn’t be too optimistic about getting a new coach, especially after last year’s “Make a Wish” run to Baton Rouge
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Who’s Tony Cannizzaro?
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I'm not in favor as of yet to replace coaches but the guy at Lamar is the first choice.
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TerryD101 wrote: Sun Mar 31, 2024 3:25 pm Why would Kingston leave SC? And for Tulane? No possible way


There's a better chance of me hitting the lottery, twice, while getting struck by lightning as the winning numbers are drawn both times. You don't leave South Carolina to come to Tulane unless you were fired as the Gamecocks HC.
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Pepper wrote: Sun Mar 31, 2024 6:41 pm I'm not in favor as of yet to replace coaches but the guy at Lamar is the first choice.
I have my doubts we will make a change especially since record wise we are guaranteed to be better. (Tulane don’t take that as a challenge please)

Although I’m not sure why Harris couldn’t pull the plug if he wanted to. Uhlman is Dannen’s pet project. There wouldn’t be any pushback from whatever is left of our baseball fanbase either
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