JMU vs Tulane (Football)

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I spent the late afternoon into the wee hours of the morning with JMU’s leadership yesterday. One of my best friends is an alum and large donor and he came up for the games. Met the President, Jon Alger, who told the inner circle earlier in the week that he’s leaving. Also met the longtime AD Jeff Bourne, who is finishing up a 25 year tenure as AD. Talk about an AD with accomplishments! In addition to multiple national championship in football at the FCS Level, he oversaw their move to FBS which has been the most successful in history. The Dukes other sports fare well too! Baseball is currently a top 14 RPI team. Softball has been to the CWS. They take their sports seriously. And their move to FBS has brought with it an increase in applications when many are seeing declines.

I don’t mention this to name drop. I mention it because JMU wants to schedule Tulane. The event I was at was put on by the JMU equivalent of the FTW Collective. Ironic in light of our discussion about fundraising not being a fun job, I met the current and former directors of fundraising, who have a say because they themselves are big donors. As soon as anyone I met learned I went to Tulane, they brought up scheduling us. Some even said they’d do a 2 f0r 1 with Tulane. The Associate AD told me he’s heard enough people tell him to schedule Tulane that he wants to get it done.

JMU suffers from nobody wanting to play them. They have a beautiful campus and stadium, the only drawback is it’s not easy to get to Harrisonburg VA. They’ve recently upgraded their academic rankings and recognition shifting from regional to National University. They are what golfnut would call a “directional school” as they’re part of the UVA System.

And they beat the snot out of Wisconsin last night after opening the season with a win at then 4th ranked Michigan State to go 2-0 vs. Big 10 basketball this season. At 32-4 they’re tied with UConn for most wins in D1,

But getting back to football, they want to play us and we should play them. It will give the winner the inside track on the G5 playoff spot. I also feel better about Sumrall playing them than Fritz as he’s lost to them both times he faced them and wouldn’t take them lightly.

Mr. Harris, please get this scheduled NOW. Let’s get the Dukes on campus, maybe College GameDay (which JMU has hosted 2x) will come too. A nice evening matchup in late September in a couple of years would be amazing. And the Dukes travel, too. I’d bet 10K of the 17k attending last nights session at the Barclay Center were wearing JMU colors (we don’t like their colors, but I wore them yesterday!)

College football needs this game. It could be a showcase for the G5.

Roll Wave!

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