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Wild Pelican
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since Tulane does not wish to disrupt the "foot traffic" on McAllister drive, which at one time you actually "drove" on, I have a question and or solution to increased seatting inside the confines of Fogelman...How about increasing the "steepness" of the exisitng seats...I looked at Gonzagas place, their seats go upwards toward the ceiling much steeper than Fogelmans...I bet another 5 to 8 rows of seats could be added thru out the venue, especailly behind the present there are nothing but large windows taking up valuable seating space...c'mon all U Tulane engineering grads, put those degrees to work !

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It’s time to face reality. The Tulane administration couldn’t care less about basketball or baseball. Their actions have spoken very clearly. Too bad because that situation may have cost a berth in a better conference.
Low Tide
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I'm no engineering expert, but yeah if they swapped the no back bleachers for regular seats it could add some additional seating. Not sure how much, but at least a couple hundred.
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i'd say step 1 is selling out the arena more than once a year
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The problem with that thinking is that the current gym doesn't allow us to get the players and coach needed to sell it out. The program needs a new facility.
Small time facilities for small time programs
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What about down Leake ave in the area where the Lambeth house is? Seems like an industrial area next to the river for Parking & Tulane owns some facilities there…. Easy walk down Broadway or thru Park.
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