Tulane beats WSU 95-90

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Small time facilities for small time programs.
Let's enjoy our last season in D-1!!!
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Good, NEEDED win!
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anEngineer wrote: Wed Jan 25, 2023 8:30 pm The drought from the 3-point line continues. I am going to have to turn the sound off soon if this announcer continues to rave about Craig Porter Jr every 3 minutes.
That drought ended in the second half! Big time comeback victory! Roll Wave!
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NOLABigSteve wrote: Thu Jan 26, 2023 11:44 am Why didn't we drive at the end of regulation, take an easier 2 pt shot, or draw the foul and win with a last second free throw vs. chucking up a 3? Happy we won, but just don't understand that...
Our last shot offense has been very poor. They burn too much time and end up throwing a desperation chuck.
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The game inside the game, post game article in Wichita, apparently on their inbounds at end of regulation we called out their play so the inbounds guy nodded to the guy who hit the 3 to run to the corner before he threw it in.

They apparently shot 38 3’s, one short of the WSU record for attempts…. Their coach said this really cost them the game, i guess that is why the box score doesnt tell the true story of the game….. because it certainly seemed to me by them shooting and making lots of 3’s that was a huge advantage for them.
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