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RobertM320 wrote: Thu Nov 24, 2022 11:29 am
winwave wrote: Thu Nov 24, 2022 11:23 am Students ,fans and media should pay more attention. :mrgreen:

The point is my post is in response to golf saying the team had exceeded its expectations. and so they had no pressure. They haven't and they have a lot of pressure. We'll see how they handle it tomorrow.
I agreed with you. I knew what you were responding to. Don't make a big deal out of it.
I'm not. I was just making sure the point was clear. Happy Thanksgiving.

Small time facilities for small time programs
6-4-23:Now all of the mistakes Tulane has made finally catches up with them as they descend to CUSAAC.
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Gonna look a lot like Christmas tomorrow. We're wearing green helmets and all white, and Cincy is wearing all red for only the second time ever.

"That mantra is the only consistent thing that never needs to ever change for the rest of this program’s existence because that is all that matters & as long as that keeps occurring, everything will handle itself" -- Nick Anderson
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A month ago, The Athletic posted a piece “Ranking college football’s 12 smartest coaching hires of the past dozen years”. No 1 on the list is Luke Fickell, the current Cincy coach. Another coach on the list that Tulane fans will recognize is the no. 4 choice, Josh Heupel, UCF (2018) and Tennessee (2021).

Ironically a few weeks earlier in another Athletic article, “Strangest coaching hires in the past dozen years”, Fickell’s predecessor as Cincy coach was recognized as the 7th strangest. This was none other than Tommy Tuberville, the current intrepid and honorable Senator from Alabama. (He’s the Senator that couldn’t identify the three branches of government and was quoted as saying that WWII was a battle against socialism.)
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