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ESPN's Wildest plays
The gutsiest call of the day took place in Manhattan, Kansas, where Tulane moved to 3-0 and handed Kansas State its first loss of the season. Conventional wisdom indicated that when the Green Wave faced fourth-and-1 from their own 24-yard line with 2:03 remaining, it was time to punt. After all, if they were stopped short, Kansas State would have gotten the ball with a short field to go for the tying score. Instead, Tulane coach Willie Fritz put his faith in his offense. Michael Pratt picked up the first down on a 2-yard run, icing the upset win. The line between genius and the butt of jokes is often indecipherable.

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Truly amazing. You could absolute defend punting it away. But I think all of us knew in our heart of hearts, Tulane needed to win the game, not “Not Lose” it.

A master stroke. Also the coach of Kansas state was very classy and several times spoke highly of Tulane. He said their defense was absolutely gassed, which was why they went for so many 4th downs in hopes of keeping the offense out there.
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It was also trickier because of the great play of our defense. So if you punt it away, you are expecting your defense to come up with a stop. If you dont make the 1st down, well you decided to put the game on your defenses shoulder knowing you may not make the first down. In all honesty, for TULANE (for us knowing we find ways to lose in the past), the scariest part of that decision is "what would happen on the punt itself?" Either way, when you need 1 yard to win, I like the call with Haynesworth as our center and Pratt being a bigger, mobile QB especially against that 3-3 defense with a RB to come give a push from behind. Next time, just do not drop the snap.... :lol:
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