How UAB got into the AAC

UCF, Cincinnati, UConn, ECU, Houston, Memphis, South Florida, SMU, Temple, Tulsa
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Ingram, a noted fundraiser in the athletic director circles, along with alumni and UAB supporters, created a foundation for UAB athletics to ensure its financial independence. The foundation has raised more than $100 million since its inception.

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He's the real deal. Smart enough to know you can't build a legit D-1 stadium for $5o million. It's amazing that he hasn't been plucked away by a bigger school.
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Jerry Springer were are you? Tulane athletics needs your gelt!
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Bigschtick wrote: Tue Jun 21, 2022 7:33 am Jerry Springer were are you? Tulane athletics needs your gelt!
The problem at Tulane, is the Administration gets in the way of Athletics......Tulane Athletics could have a billions of $$$ in the bank, all athletes could be on the deans list, and the Admin would find a way to sink most projects, with their hollier than thou BS
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