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January 10, 2023

Dear Tulane Fans and Friends,

Tulane Athletics is in the midst of an unprecedented academic year, with our student-athletes setting exemplary standards in academics, athletics and service. Our department staff’s commitment to providing a world-class student-athlete experience while being socially and fiscally responsible is a driving force behind our success. But beyond the student-athlete and the staff, there is another integral ingredient to our success—you.

You were there for us during the 2022 football season, culminating in our first American Athletic Conference Championship and first New Year’s Day Bowl game in over eight decades. The Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic championship will be a part of the Tulane story for decades to come, alongside the 1998 undefeated season and the big 1973 shut-out win over our up-river rivals. When Head Coach Willie Fritz arrived at Tulane in 2016, he had a vision for championships, and we are fortunate that Coach Fritz will remain our leader, the first Tulane head football coach to lead the Wave to more than one bowl appearance, a winner of three of his four bowl games during his tenure.

To continue to compete for championships in all of our sports, our North Star—our student-athletes—need all of us more than ever, and in today’s collegiate landscape, that includes having a strong Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) collective providing opportunities for our students. A small group of trusted former student-athletes created the Fear the Wave Collective (www.ftwcollective.com) , which has been instrumental in providing our student-athletes with the opportunity to benefit from the brands they build as students on our campus. The Fear the Wave Collective is setting the standard among our peers, as national media have recognized it as one of the top collectives in the nation.

You have helped build our championship football program through purchasing tickets, joining the Green Wave Club and Olive and Blue Giving Society and taking part in our capital campaigns. You have worn the Angry Wave with pride and honor and reminded your friends and co-workers who YOUR team is! Now, I ask for your direct support of our student-athletes by giving to the Fear the Wave Collective.

Please visit www.ftwcollective.com to learn about the collective, and consider making a fully tax-deductible gift, which will directly support and empower our student-athletes. You may also contact Deputy Athletic Director Jana Woodson ([email protected]) for more information, as Jana works daily with the collective to ensure compliance with all NCAA rules and regulations.

College athletics is in the midst of seismic change, but Tulane is uniquely well-positioned for success. All of our head coaches agree that NIL opportunities, particularly through the FTW Collective, are imperative for future success, so please consider lending your support.

Roll Cotton Bowl Champion Wave!

Troy Dannen
Director of Athletics

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I wonder if we've ever considered finding a Saudi prince(cess) that has some athletic talents? If we could find one that plays a sport...and (s)he comes from a royal family that wants to fund NIL initiatives, it could be a HUGE win for the FTW Collective.

Heck, it doesn't necessarily need to be an athlete! Just recruit a Saudi royal to the University and get him/her involved in supporting athletics and go from there. They're literally blowing BILLIONS in "sportswashing" their money. There has to be a member of the Al Saud family that's college aged!
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that's a brilliant idea!
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austxwave wrote: Tue Mar 28, 2023 11:09 am that's a brilliant idea!
calling all female Saudi LIV-54 fans
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