Title of Mike Leach Thread Reverted to Original

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Just noticed that the title of the Mike Leach thread reverted to the original content: “Mike Leach in Critical Condidtion”. I edited my original post to “Mile Leach dead at 61” but the thread title has not changed on the main page. No big deal, just a FYI.

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I was hoping others wouldn't notice... Here's the issue. The Recent Topics functionality is a plugin that we use on the board. An update probably over a year ago did this, and I'm waiting for an update to fix. Basically the title in the original forum is fine, but when a title of a post is updated and it's shown in Recent Topics, it's being cached and the old title is sometimes showing. A pain I know. I'll keep monitoring and get in an update as soon as I can. Topic titles are rarely changed, so it's for the most past gone unnoticed. Good eye.
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Yeah I noticed it a year ago and posted it in the suggestions thread. That was in January so hopefully this January the update will finally happen.
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