Northeast Football....what happened ?

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a little history for the youngsters on the site ... -northeast

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Golf, nice article but it could have been summed up by just saying that losing begets losing. Some people know how to run a successful operation and others have their narcissist heads up their ass. All the talk is just that. Win on the field and all will be fine(unless you’re SMU).
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The game is not being played.
My high school had well over 200+ males in each grade. Between JV & Varsity football we had over 100 kids participating in football & we had the 2nd least amount of enrollment within our league. Today the team cannot scrimmage among itself without eliminating half of the field.
Pennsylvania alone used to supply the New England & Mid Atlantic regions with a significant amout of their rosters. Fan attendance for high school football has been reduced to family & girlfriends.
Every year I attend high school football games in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island & Massachusetts. Participation & attendance is a joke.
The only folks showing interest in football are the NFL imbeciles. Who try to extract purpose and meaning from new rules designed only to increase the entertainment value.. i feel sad about the new reality. But I honestly am happy that the more gifted athletes are choosing to focus on other sports.
Even though they're probably woke pussies!
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