Free front row tickets for Houston game!

Looking to buy, swap, trade, or give away your tickets?
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Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:55 pm

Saw this on Facebook for anyone who needs free tickets and T-shirt’s ! No excuses show up ! ... 617929845/

I have no idea how to upload a picture on this message board so that is the best I can do. A Tulne fan has 100 tickets and posted his phone number to give them away and has free t shirts for the houston game !

Copy of post:

🌊🚨 WAVE ALERT!!! 🌊🚨

From the words of our fellow Green Wave brother! Rick Crozier

Add comments below if interested in tickets!!!

“Tulane is playing some great football right now .. maybe the best in the state. The Crozier team is giving away 100 tickets to Thursday’s game. Front row seats against arch rival and too big to fail my ass Houston

If you need some tickets head over to the page and send me a post or direct message me. (504) 339-5626

Crazy Greenie T-shirts being made by Faux Pas Prints. Those will be giving away as well!”

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