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Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:51 am

tpstulane wrote:
galvezwave wrote:
tpstulane wrote:
galvezwave wrote:We already have the reputation of a career killer, even though that's not really true. Good coaches have always won here. We just never hire any. Fritz losing looks bad because he is so well respected coming in. Warranted or not, he's never been a loser until it said Tulane across his chest. We NEED Willie to figure this out. Nobody worth a f*** would want it anyway, so pile on top of that the possibility of getting canned in less than 2 seasons? It's just not plausible for Tulane. Dangerous ground. Figure it out or get help, willie.
You know in two years or less if it’s going to work. Waiting 4-5 years like Tulane always does is insane. You go broke on Wall St holding a loser 4-5 years. No different here. Ask yourself how many years did Bowden and RR need?
Bowden was an anomaly. I'm not saying you're wrong. But I do believe times have changed even since 98. Tulane sat on its ass too long and I'm not convinced it can be saved , much less find somebody worth a sh*t and stupid enough to try it out. If you're winning at fiu or utsa, you would have to be an absolute idiot to make a lateral move (to be kind) to come here, fail then you're coaching defensive backs at country day.
No. Bowden was a great hire. You know you said that to yourself when we got him. Now I agree things today are much different.


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