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Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:23 pm

Does those promoting Frank Wilson have a short memory. Chris Scelfo came here from Georgia because he was a great recruiter in the SEC. Let me say this, the SEC sells itself, any decent coach can recruit in the SEC. LSU sells itself more than Wilson selling a recruit on LSU. Also because someone can recruit does not make them a good coach. Does anyone think Miles would recommend a coach to Tulane that may whip his butt in recruiting. I think not, he knows it is the tradition of LSU that recruits for Wilson. We need someone with a proven record in this point of Tulane Football History. If we choose the wrong person we could probably kiss Tulane Football goodbye. Rich Rodriguez and Tommy Bowden proved they could win here, why look elsewhere. If we can't get one of them then Leach or that coach Huspeth at ULL might be a good choice although he has not won against major competition yet.

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