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Wed Jul 25, 2018 6:19 pm

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Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:55 pm
Tulane FB is no better than 4th best program in the state.
Sorry but the BS flag is thrown on your post. Fourth best program in the state?? What other programs have beaten us lately? U-La-La didn't beat us last time we played. Their sister University UL-M was also blown away at their stadium last time we played them. Same goes true for LaTech ,and the others. LSU may fall behind the Wave this year (though I'll admit they've been way ahead for a long time). But who else in state is better right now?

Where the hell do you come up with this? Are you a Tulane fan? And oh by the way, when was the last time the Bears made the playoffs? 7 years is a long time to go, but as a Tulane fan you learn to persevere.
1. LSU and they are so far above the rest it isn't funny
2. La Tech- Dykes has them improving steadily
3. ULL
4. Tulane- sure the ACC is better than the Sunbelt but what exactly has the wave done in the ACC in football? They may get better under Fritz but will never be a player in the grand scheme of football

I've probably been to more Tulane games than many on here, going back to the 60's. Quit going to football when we passed over Rich Rod for fricking Scelfo. Poured more sweat on the baseball field for 20 years than I care to remember. Watching the decline is baseball has been hard. Yes some rules were changed but other privates around the country have it figured out and are winning.
When my kid went to an out of state college in 2014(Private school in the Big XII) and I went to some sporting events there it opened my eyes wide as to how sad the state of Tulane athletics was.
Wow, you really are drinking the "ULALA Kool-Aid." :lol:

For 2018 Rivals ranks Tulane's recruiting class 65; ULALA is unranked since outside of the top 100. For 2018 247 ranks Tulane's class 67, ULALA 120.

And, ULALA ended the 2017 season losing to Appy St. 63-14..

And instead, our 20 to 17 victory over Houston last year was simply a preview for this season under Coach Fritz.

And please don't tell me, you believe ULALA as an institution will shortly be accorded Association of American Universities (AAU) status, in addition to only Tulane for Louisiana? :P
Why do you have to bring up academics in a sports forum? I really wouldn't go there with bragging on how smart Tulane is......leaving SEC, picking Selfo, not picking AC etc.
For a "smart school" Tulane has made some stupid decisions...just saying.
Actually it was a "dig" at the "Bear" for his absurd post saying we rank below ULALA in football.. For once we are doing everthing right for football-1) Paying a Div. 1 salary for a Div. 1 coach; and 2) Playing by the same academic rules as everyone else. I criticize the Wave on this forum when it is deserved. I love Tulane and am proud to be a Tulane graduate. "Bear" for his last post comes off as a troll and I was just waiting for him to later write, "and ULALA will pass up Tulane as a university soon too!"

Year 3 of WF could be the beginning of a real renaissance for Tulane football; show some "soul" for the "Olive and Blue."

I am excited about this season, with a few breaks this could be the type of fun we havent had for Wave football in about 20 years now (Oh, and by the way, our July 2017 bar pass rate was 91.07%). :D

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