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Sat Oct 06, 2018 10:30 am

those watching ESPN this morning learned of the "Play Sheet' caper pulled off by Mike Leach while an assistant at OU...they act like this is news, this was brought out years ago when Lech wrote his book "Swing Your Sword" ..memo to ESPN...READ, U may learn something

Gotta love those wide open O's that rack up yards and points...way to go Georgia Tech...two whole passes all nite and almost 600 yards of offense...and it came against one of the most disliked Coaches in College Football "Biker Bobby P " and the L'ville Cardinals

Be a Hero Today.... Adopt a Shelter Pet... The Beatles once sang "Can't Buy Me Love"... I disagree, unconditional Love can be bought, for the nominal adoption fee at your local Pet Shelter !
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