Saw this coming when we left the Dome LSU in NOLA

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The Dome is for rent, if we want to play a game there we just have to pay the same rent as LSU or ULL. Why would we do that.

For other reasons (cancellation of baseball series) we should either collect our $750k or our home football game owed by LSU for cancelling the football series. Also should cancel the football camp deal and switch to Texas. The baseball series was the only leverage LSU had to avoid those things. Now they removed their leverage.
I agree on all of this. And I'd make LSU play us in Yulman.
It's been said elsewhere that RD took a check for that missed game so it's over. The amount is unknown.
I think the check was to reschedule a game so LSU could play someone else in a neutral site opener on national TV. I believe they still owe us a game in New Orleans. ... 32017.html
The contract was cancelled after the 2009 game, with the two sides promising to play one game, at an unspecified future date, in New Orleans. That game has yet to happen -- and the once-heated rivalry has grown decidedly cooler every year since.
That article from November just repeats what was said many years ago when it was initially canceled. Someone on another site who is usually knowledgable said that it turns out RD took a check for that supposed one game in the future . He was such a loser that I can believe that. If we still had it at our disposal then our current AD who loves to stand up to LSU would be making them play us right.

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