Attention All Nut Jobs

Discuss anything else athletic or non-athletic related that doesn't belong on the main Tulane athletics forum.
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Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:57 am

Since it is too damn hot to play golf, and being bored as all hell, I decided to take a look at the "
24/7 PC monitored site ".... someone there posted.... " GOTULA is doing the world a favor, by keeping the nut jobs in one place ".... ....Thanks Steve for giving us a home !!!!
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Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:16 pm

The YOGWF is run by loonatics that only want you to post RAH RAH Tulane posts. Never criticize a coach, player or Administration official. Never call for a job, or make an observation that doesn't put Tulane and the Tulane Athletics department in the best possible light.

THOSE NUT JOBS are part of the problem, not part of the solution. They endorsed Cowen and Dickson and prevented logical discussion about how far Cow/Dick was leading Tulane astray. Now that Cowen and Dickson are gone (but not far enough away from Tulane, particularly our former President that's still sucking on the Tulane teat) and we've found out the scandalous activities that took place under their reign, they still protect both.

And JtS can eat $hit and die as far as I'm concerned. He offers very little of value other than sucking up to the (terrible) administration of Tulane Athletics.

Thank you Steve and Company for what you do. This board is monitored by the Athletics Department. The opinions of the VERY FEW REMAINING FANS Tulane hasn't run off is more important than sucking up to a mismanaged Athletics Department. I think things are getting better under Troy Dannen and President Fitts, but it's still far from perfect.
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