Two tickets to Saturday night's UConn strings!

Looking to buy, swap, trade, or give away your tickets?
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Thu Oct 09, 2014 11:54 am

I've got two tickets to this Saturday's UConn game. I'd like to give them to someone from the neighborhood (aka "NIMBY") but am willing to give them to anyone that hasn't been to Yulman, and will decide how much, if anything, to pay me afterwards. Keep in mind the check you mail, after the game, is to my son's medical expense fund.

Those posters that are boycotting Yulman, feel free to claim these tickets, go to a tailgate, and experience the game day on campus. Then decide if you want to pay the fund anything when the day is done. If you continue to refuse to go to a game, and just keep bitching and moaning, shame on you. I'll block you permanently.

Yes, there's a lack of commitment from the President's office on down. We get that. But we also need to support the team, and show that we can fill Yulman. This is also going to be our first victory in the AAC. Bring a teen or "tween".

Roll Wave!

" For every alum, no matter where they are...I want a football coach that's going to make Saturday something you anticipate and look forward to." --Troy Dannen

Thank you all for your support as my son Zach continues to beat leukemia
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